Interview Street – Connecting Corporates and Campuses

Morpheus Venture Partners has announced their latest batch of startups. InterviewStreet, a chennai-based startup, seems to be an interesting idea. Students can attend mock interviews(through Sabsebolo conference service) with real professionals and improve their skills. For students, it would be a good opportunity to enhance their skills. For professionals like us, it would be a nice opportunity to mentor people and get paid for it too. Only thing which is not very clear is the “conflict of interest” that may arise.i.e. if I prepare someone for an interview through this service and they come to my company, will it be ethical for me to take their job interview?

Right now they are in Alpha stage. So if you are interviewer, don’t expect to be paid and if you are a student, this is a chance to get your interviews freely done. Do check out their service by registering here.