Bravo major!!!

Just now saw the news in rediff that Major Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore has won a silver in Athens olympics for the
double trap shooting event.

I came to know about Mr.Rathore just 3 weeks back when I was flying from Milan to Dubai in Emirates. There was a lady sitting next to me who looked like an Indian.After few hours of flight, we introduced to each other and I came to know that she was Mrs.Gayatri,an Army doctor and her husband is a major who is representing India in olympics for the double trap shooting event. Things started getting interesting and we continued with a good discussion on a variety of things ranging from Politics, Culture, Life at Italy, Her culinary skills,Shooting and so on. Then we landed in Dubai airport and bid goodbye as she was heading to Delhi where as I was having a plan of staying in Dubai for a day before I start to Chennai.

After this I started closely watching the Olympics. The media was writing that Anjali Bhagwat will win a medal for India in shooting where as Rathore‘s name was in shadow. But I firmly believed that Rathore would win a medal and it has appened. I really feel happy and wish him for his wonderful performance par excellence.He has started the medal counter and hope it continues further.

Bravo major.India is proud of you.

p.s. I forgot to ask for Mrs.Rathore‘s address. Can someone help me to find it,so that I can send my wishes to her family?

Finally I was able to find Major’s address from news paper articles and sent flowers 🙂

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