Gmail fanatics

Gmail has kickstarted a revolution in the webmail arena. The Gmail offer of 1GB eventhough if it's still in the beta with limited invitations, has created a shockwave among the leaders in the market space. Yahoo and Hotmail have come up with their new increased storage plans. Even localised providers like have silently come up with a 1 GB offering. And there are numerous sites that have popped up recently to facilitate trading of Gmail invites like,, and so on. People trade for money, return of favour, good will and all kinds of weird things one could imagine. Although Google has banned the trading of invites, there is still a fleshy market for Gmail invites in ebay auction site. Infact I got one for $6.After all,who doesn't want a fancy gmail account?

I wonder whether there will be a similar war for the among the free webspace providers.Only time can answer

– A Gmail fanatic

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