The Polyester prince – Online edition

From the day, I added “The polyester prince” in my “Now reading” plugin, I have been getting a lot of hits for the same. I have also received couple of comments asking for the book. Honestly, I don’t have it right now. And the good news is, the book is available online at Amazon Online Reader. It is bit painful to read but still it is worth reading. So go ahead and enjoy folks.

8 thoughts on “The Polyester prince – Online edition”

  1. I tried reading the book in Amazon reader, but it has only the first 6 pages. What am i missing here? How do i buy/ access the full online version? Any help is really appreciated

  2. Hii

    Any body interested in reading polyester prince by Hamsih MCdonald the banned biography of Dhirubhai Ambani please do contact me I stay in Mumbai
    I have acess to hard copies

    My mail id is

    DO reply back

    Firadh Abraham

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